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“So often the frustration with coffee-related professions is linking the theory (text in a book, on a screen or verbal communication) with practical in your mouth and on your taste buds examples related to that specific theory. Well, problem solved! The Cupping Club has given us the perfect blend of theory and practice, to achieve meaningful learning on a regular basis. The monthly topics are considered with laser-beam like focus. The theory is meticulously researched and beautifully presented, making it fun and easily digestible, whilst the coffees are well sourced as shining examples of their subject matter. 
This is no bullshit value for money and a fun way for the whole team to learn. Highly recommended. Now go get your spoon wet!

Paul Arnephy 

Café Lomi, France

"is the solution we were looking for to introduce our farm team to coffee's around the world and is now set to be part of and included in our monthly team training program" 

Steven Ballantyne

CEO - Hinitan Plantation, Philippines

Steven Ballantyne

CEO - Hinitan Plantation, Philippines

"I would recommend to anyone who wants to expand their skills in coffee or if you are looking for a fun way to train your staff or even host a monthly cupping in your shop."


Latte Artist and Account Manager

"Honestly, the subscriptions have helped me no end. I feel like Christmas has come every time I open/use one!"

Emma Haines 

AST London School of Coffee, UK

Without a doubt the best subscription that a roaster, coffee shop or coffee lover can make. Playful, educational, recreational and with an extremely complete descriptive theme! Congratulations to you !! We wait impatiently for the box every month!

Valérie Egelé 

Café Mokxa, France

The great strength of the Cupping Club is the contextualization of cupping. We have access to lots of samples from importers and the choice among roasters is plethoric ... But it is difficult to have a precise overview of given themes (terroirs, varieties, culture, approaches. ..). It is this vision that brings me the Cupping Club. It makes it possible to link the sensitive to the cognitive in a detailed and organized way, better than I could do it alone. 
The content is sharp and corresponds to professional use in autonomy, which can then be used to transmit, although it seems important to first digest the information if you want to address an amateur audience (employees, customers ).
I was also very touched by the care given to the environmental respect of the box, and this from the first edition: it is zero waste and uses really compostable bags, recycled paper, no plastic ...

Baptiste Mourey

"It’s well written and pleasant to read. A great vulgarisation of science in my opinion "

Benoit Bertrand

Head of Coffee research, CIRAD

“A clever and super useful training tool.”

Tom Sobey 

Origin Coffee Roasters, UK

The cupping club has given the opportunity to stay in a learning process.
After becoming a Q Arabica grader last in 2018 I wanted to find a way to keep a cupping routine and having fun by exploring new facets of this protocol thanks to the cupping club

Mikaël Portannier

AST and Q Grader, Lomi Café, Paris

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