Concretely, what to expect?


Five samples of specialty, seasonal coffee and a leaflet full of exciting information! Each episode, the box addresses a specific theme that you discover at the reception.

Cupping Blind

Taste, learn and share the coffees in the comfort of your own surroundings. Find out exactly what the coffees are before, during or after tasting. 



Discover a world of speciality coffees without bias. The truth is in the cup: learn their stories and context through the most objective information. 

build your expertise 

Consolidate the basics, acquire new skills and experience to be shared within the profession. Taste and learn about new seasonal coffees in a professional and repeatable way.


Learn, practice and apply sensory experiments that can influence perception of products. 


One box, countless combinations

The concept of the Cupping Club is unique:

A cupping in a box, directly through your mail box.

We guide you through the simple in house training formula of learning by doing.


5 x sample bags of coffee beans are roasted, coded and sent the day after roasting. 3 to 5 days later, you receive them in the box which also contains an educational booklet and you run the tasting however you want*.  


Every month, we'll explore a specific theme (a country, a variety, processes,  rating system, etc.) with serious facts and fun tips on how to use the coffees. Then it's whatever you want, depending on your needs!


All Cupping Clubs content is developed by SCA certified coffee educators and every effort has been taken to provide the most objective, interactive and fun educational experience possible.