A barista trainer and an Agronomist walk into the World of Coffee, Amsterdam, 2018…

We, Morgane and Alex, have a combined 24 years of experience in the international field of speciality coffee. We bring experience as well as a desire to be innovative.

From the ground to the (coffee) grounds, our involvement in the industry spans much of the producing and consuming worlds. Passing on what we have & are learning, sharing a sense of discovery and responsibility in a fun and inclusive way is at the core of the creation of Cupping Club.

We acknowledge industry needs regarding education & sustainability and have worked to create something new and special in response to those needs. A dream project become reality: coffee is an endless subject to learn and share!

We have to say we also have a gifted in-house illustrator and a team of great people supporting this work, without whom this wouldn’t be possible! Most of them we acknowledge monthly.


Teaching became a passion for me in 2013. It was obvious to me that those whom I admired the most seemed to be teaching and sharing, so, I took steps to put myself in a position where I could help, share, teach and give my time to others looking to learn and innovate. So I trained my way to becoming an AST in Barista Skills, Brewing and in Sensory Skills. 

Contributing to the Speciality Coffee industry has been one of my mainstay missions. Life became easy when I committed to this mission. Whether that meant making coffee, teaching, volunteering or writing, the pursuit of this mission has helped me travel and make friends all over the world.

Competitions got me hooked. They’re a look into what the (coffee) industry is capable of and a fitting testament the enormous amounts of work thats goes into the existence of each coffee bean. Competitions are great sources of inspiration for me.

Now, living in Bordeaux, I strive to contribute to the world in new ways. Cupping Club is one of those ways.  


An agricultural engineer with a speciality in agricultural development and professional coffee taster. I have always loved to smell, taste and discover new flavours, new horizons, get involved in projects that make sense. Coffee allows me to reconcile these different passions: it is a good example of the complexity of current issues. I have always loved to smell, taste and discover new flavours, new horizons and to get involved in projects that make sense to me. Coffee allows me to combine different passions and speciality coffee, to me, it is a great example of the complexity of modern issues.

The smell of coffee has always fascinated me, however, the taste seemed to break the promises of the aroma. Nicaragua in 2005, a long internship with a coffee exporter i dove in coffee with its socio-economic stakes, landscapes and its people. Back from this beautiful country, I had discovered that a cup of coffee could be floral, subtle and complex and that finding room for these excellent products on the European market was a real possibility for a producer to get a good price for his excellent product. From 2007, in parallel to passion cupping and benevolent in the young french SCA, I continued to evolve in consulting and labelling structures. Only in 2014 did I choose independent consulting and training.

Coffee tastes, forests and people wove my passion for coffee. The values ​​of conviviality, everyday life, simplicity, diversity, respect, are my attachment to the product. Coffee, being a global product, often industrial, in which some seek to make exist terroirs, landscapes, men, all a fabulous chain of values! Cupping Club was an evidence to me when Alex invited me to join him in the adventure.

French Cuptasting Champion 2011 - Q grader - AST Sensory Skills.