The Cupping Club is an eventuality for us.

We started the Cupping Club to help make coffee trainings more approachable, tailored and fun. It is also to open a window to the beautifully diverse world of coffee with objective content, accessible style and affordable, sustainable materials.


“Play is the highest form of research”

- Albert Einstein

The coffee industry has a long and quickly changing story. We want to bridge the gap between science, facts, economic figures, sustainable agriculture and the industry, in the interest of it. No topic is off the table. Either controversial or shrouded in mystery, we aim to ensuring each episode conveys a relevant, qualitative, meaningful and actionable education… hopefully leading to decision making.


Coffee is such a witness of our time!

This monthly educational tool is aimed at both the individual and at groups - solo reading, cupping and self-knowledge and fostering interactions within groups.

Decisive changes are made with regular actions. Cupping will make you a good cupper. Cupping with context will strengthen your abilities and experience. While cupping you will gain confidence, wherever you start. The Cupping Club monthly routine takes you on a journey and will broaden your perspective on coffee as well as your personal knowledge.

The monthly delivery allows you to form unbiased opinions, improve on your taste memory and start cupping from a different point of view.

The box is purposely kept simple, so with a little twist, it’s adaptable to your professional routine, without a fuss.

“I don’t want to believe, I want to know” - Carl Sagan

“The two ends of the coffee chain are too rarely deeply connected, in the future we’ll need a stronger alliance”

- Juan Fernando Saldarriaga, Colombian Producer, Episode 5

Our goals include to create a community of well informed professionals and enthusiasts to help shine a light on areas of the industry that are of interest to us all.

“Sharing is caring”

What this box offers is a social experience that can be had at a lab, at home or in your local coffee shop with colleagues, clients, friends. We believe in communities. Creating awareness in a playful way will build up our communities.

2018 El Encanto.jpeg

Last but not least - Ecology - almost perfect.

The box you receive each month is almost totally sustainable. The bags are plant-based and easily compostables together with the box, bags have a short shelf life but are meant to be used quickly in a routine - for trainings or events.  Content is printed on recycled paper and is meant to be collected. In a way each Cupping Club box is a sourcing trip it self - minimizing the carbon footprint of the “traveller” - the coffee professional. In France and Europe we ship by road, rather than by air for lower carbon emissions. At the end of the day, our company wants to be completely carbon neutral and to increase awareness of the need to be more ecological within our profession.